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Mark LaFay publikoval článek, zaměřený na ovládání / řízení dronu.
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Cituji začátek článku:
"Actually flying it! Controlling a drone can happen in a number of ways. First and foremost, you must understand how flight controls work.
At the basic level, your drone is equipped with a receiver. The receiver receives information that tells it what to do. You tell your drone what to do using a transmitter. Since the dawn of remote control flight, receivers and transmitters have communicated using radio frequencies (RF).
Not much has changed with remote controls. What has changed, is the numerous additional communication methods built into consumer drones today:
GPS provides accurate position data for your drone. It also allows for some pretty slick auto pilot features.
Wi-Fi provides the ability to transmit heavy amounts of data to and from the drone within a specific control radius.
Bluetooth provides another method for transmitting information to and from the drone.
900Mhz/433Mhz provides longer range communication at a slower data rate.
The additional communication methods have opened the door to some pretty awesome drone flying features. Some drones have thrown out remote control with handheld transmitters and replaced them with smartphone and tablet controls. Flight controls are a major differentiator between drones and a very important feature to take into consideration when choosing a drone!"
"Most drones come with an RC transmitter. RC controls are very basic and typically only offer directional control. RC transmitters provide control of your drone for a much greater distance than a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.
Most drones will come with an RC transmitter designed specifically for them, although RC transmitters can be interchangeable, so you can use a third party RC transmitter if you want. If you are going to use a third-party RC transmitter, make sure you verify that it is compatible with your drone or the matching receiver can be installed in your drone.
Your drone should come with documentation to specify which transmitters are compatible with it. If you can’t find the information in your operating manual or online, then you may want to hold off on purchasing a transmitter. An incompatible transmitter will only be useful as a paper weight, or contemporary art." .... pokračování na výše uvedené adrese.

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