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Quick Drone Parts Overview Along With Handy DIY Tips

Fintan Corrigan publikoval 11. 10. 2017 na portálu "dronezon" článek s názvem: "Quick Drone Parts Overview Along With Handy DIY Tips".
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Quick overview of drone components and parts
"All drone parts and components are vital for you to enjoy a smooth safe flying experience.  Knowing the parts of a drone will give you extra confidence as a drone owner.  You will know which components to inspect on a regular basis and the drone parts which are easy to replace or upgrade.
Knowing your drone components will also assist you greatly in getting to the bottom of any flying issues.
This article will provide you with a great overview of all the drone components you will find on a modern day consumer and professional drone.
The excellent diagram of the drone components and the listing of drone component parts comes from an article called anatomy of a drone by MakeZine.  I have added extra information and explanations along with tips for each UAV component."

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