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Switzerland’s new autonomous drone network

Switzerland’s new autonomous drone network just completed its first delivery.
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Andrew J. Hawkins 28. 9. 2017, na portálu "theverge" článek, jehož plnou verzi najdete na adrese: 
Cituji vybrané části textu z obsahu článku:
"Yesterday, an autonomous drone landed on the roof of a Mercedes-Benz van in Zurich, successfully completing the first delivery of Switzerland’s aerial logistics network. The drone’s package contained some delicious coffee from Swiss e-commerce startup Siroop. The delivery was coordinated by logistics company Matternet, which says it hopes to eventually deliver lab samples like blood tests and other diagnostics flown between hospital facilities, clinics, and labs — all via drone."
"This involves using an application to link up an independent system, in which drones are deployed as a means of transport, with the van. The drone locates the van via GPS. The van scans the airspace and transmits a light signal to ensure safe delivery. Only then does the drone land on the van's roof fully autonomously with the help of an infrared landing guidance beam."
"It remains to be seen whether employing drones to deliver packages four pounds or lighter actually saves time or money. Drone delivery is still in its infancy, so it will take time to determine its cost-effectiveness."

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