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The Drone Girl

The Drone Girl - This site is the personal creation of Sally French, a journalist and public speaker for drones.ister.
Zajímavý portál orientovaný na drony. Doporučuji prohlédnout!
Portál najdete na adrese:
Cituji informaci o zakladatelce portálu:"The Drone Girl ®  is the web, drone-flying persona of Sally French, a southern California native, journalist and “geek girl” who loves drones.
Her work has been published in outlets including The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, NPR, CNN, The BBC, Forbes, The Economist and  the Orange County Register.
She is a renowned public speaker in drones, having appeared at at South by Southwest (SXSW), Harvard Business School and Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ “Engineering + Entrepreneurship Making Robotics Fly” event, and has led multiple seminars at conferences including InterDrone and the Commercial UAV Expo.
Sally first got interested in drones when she served as a photographer and producer at the Missouri School of Journalism’s drone journalism program in its inaugural year.The first “drone journalism” she did was  produce a video for Harvest Public Media in which footage from a drone documents a prairie fire.

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