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The flying drones that can scan packages night and day

The flying drones that can scan packages night and day - BBC News
Článek na toto téma publikoval Tom Jackson (Technology of Business reporter)
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Cituji vybrané části textu:
"Flying drones and robots now patrol distribution warehouses - they've become workhorses of the e-commerce era online that retailers can't do without. It is driving down costs but it is also putting people out of work: what price progress?
It could be a scene from Blade Runner 2049; the flying drone hovers in the warehouse aisle, its spinning rotors filling the cavernous space with a buzzing whine.
It edges close to the packages stacked on the shelf and scans them using onboard optical sensors, before whizzing off to its next assignment.
But this is no sci-fi film, it's a warehouse in the US - one of around 250,000 throughout the country, many gargantuan in size: retail giant Walmart's smallest warehouse, for example, is larger than 17 football fields put together.
And these automated drones are now doing the jobs humans - on foot, or operating fork-lift trucks and mechanical lifts - used to do: and they're doing them more cheaply and more accurately.
"Every year companies lose billions of dollars due to misplaced items and faulty inventory records in their warehouses," says Fadel Adib, an assistant professor of media, arts and sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology."
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