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Trump moves to let US cities and tech companies test drones together

Pod výše uvedeným titulkem byl na portálu "theverge" publikován článek, jehož plnou verzi najdete na adrese:  http://tinyurl.com/ycou9fc9
Cituji z textu článku:"The DOT is tasked with approving at least five projects" by Sean O'Kane 25. 9. 2017.
"President Trump will put a new program in place that could accelerate and increase the number of drone tests across the United States, according to a new memorandum released by the White House. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot program, as it’s called, will allow US cities and states to partner with tech companies to draw up at least five trial programs around the country over the next three years. Each program will have to be reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration."
"These trial programs could be used to test everything from delivering goods to night flights to flying drones beyond a pilot’s line of sight to sense-and-avoidance technologies and more, according to the Department of Transportation."
"In its own statement, the Commercial Drone Alliance says it is “optimistic that the Program will become a model for overcoming some of the hurdles keeping the full potential of commercial drones from being realized,” but that its success “will depend on its implementation.” Doug Johnson, the Consumer Technology Association’s vice president of technology policy, said in a release that the initiative was a “smart way to engage local governments and community stakeholders, enable expanded and beneficial drone operations, and support a data-driven approach to future federal actions — all of which allow the U.S. to maximize drones' potential for job creation and economic benefits.”

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