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Understanding Your Quadcopter Remote Control

Článek s titulkem "Understanding Your Quadcopter Remote Control" vyl vystaven 6. 1. 2016 na portálu "rcdronearena". Najdete ho na adrese"
Cituji vybrané části textu: 
"Hi this is Chris from Tiny Drones. I just wanted thank RC Drone Arena for having me in for a guest post on one of my favorite topics; how to use your quadcopter remote controller."
"When we pick up our first controller and feel the grip in the palm of our hands it can be quite a daunting sensation. On one hand it feels like controllers you have used in other aspects of life, such as gaming controllers or even a steering wheel. However at the same time, it is completely different; the amount of info you’re required to process is quite overwhelming to say the least."
"This article is written to help you understand how your quadcopter’s controller works and what it is capable of. For this we will use the Hubsan X4 controller as a reference. You can check out Tiny Drone’s Hubsan X4 review for a more in depth look about the drone itself."
Roll & Pitch
"The control stick on the right of your controller is what controls the ‘roll’ and ‘pitch’ of your quadcopter. When you move this control stick left and right you will notice that your drone will ‘roll’ on its side in the corresponding direction… basically, move to the corresponding direction without changing the direction in which it points."
Trim & LCD Screen
"When you get a new quadcopter there is almost always a direction or directions that the unit prefers to lean to. This is because of many factors, but can usually be attributed to uneven weight distribution as well as the power of individual motors. The ‘trim’ buttons allow you to compensate for this by offering adjustments to the power of each motor."
"If you find that your quadcopter is constantly crashing on its front or side, you will need to adjust the trim buttons corresponding to the direction the quadcopter is leaning to."
Final Thoughts
"So there you have it! I just wanted to take the time to once again thank RC Drone Arena for having me! This is a fantastic website and has been a valuable resource of mine over this last year!"

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