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Významový slovník anglických výrazů z oblasti dronů

Na portálu "airdronecraze.com", konkrétně na adrese:
najdete užitečný významový slovník anglických výrazů z oblasti dronů.
Základní členění webové stránky:
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- Alternate Names for Drones:
- Quadcopter Grades:
- Flying Terms:
- Drone Glossary of Terms:
Hesla jsou řazena v abecedním pořadí.
Příklad textu významového slovníku:
"What is a drone?
The terms unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and drone are used interchangeably. According to the FAA, a UAV is an aircraft without an onboard human pilot, controlled either autonomously or by remote control. The term unmanned aircraft system (UAS) refers to the unmanned aircraft and all of its components including, but not limited to: control stations and software, remote controls (if necessary), control links, payloads, launch and recovery equipment.
Alternate Names for Drones:
Hobby Names:
• Quadcopter: The most popular name for Small UAVs, which has 4 rotors positioned on a horizontal plane like a helicopter. Other names include Quadricopter, Quadrocopter
• Multicopter: A generic name for a drone with multiple propellers. This covers quadcopters, octocopters, etc.
• Hexicopter: A multi-rotor aircraft having six rotors in which the beauty and advantage of the hexicopter is that it can lose any single engine and still maintain control to land
• Octocopters: Has eight blades
The multirotors with a high number of blades are typically larger and designed to carry a heavier payload. For example, Amazon’s recent announcement about using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver packages shows the company utilizing octocopters, given their increased range, stability, and ability to carry moderate amounts of weight."
Celý slovník najdete na výše uvedené webové adrese.

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