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7 Tips for Flying Drones in Winter Weather

7 Tips for Flying Drones in Winter Weather
Autor: Michael Plambeck - 18. 1. 2017
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"Hovering over Hoth-like Landscapes
It’s no surprise that pilots and those taking great videos and still shots love to use drones in the winter: it’s not only the warmer months that offer jaw-dropping footage. When cities and villages all over the glove are covered with a fresh coat of white snow, getting a high-quality camera above them to show the rest of the world how spectacular they are is one of the most fun things you can accomplish as an owner of a UAV that pulls down great footage.
Since even the finest of drones are working with a bit of a limitation on battery life, shooting in the dead of winter poses many challenges. There are many elements to be concerned with such as areas that have already become half melted, any areas of your drone that may be loose or slowly cracking, and ice that may have already gathered around branches of trees.
There are also instances where you run home after pulling down some great footage over a snow-covered location, and are very excited to see the results. Lo and behold, when you pull up the SD card and monitor, there are glare and balance issues that you may not get during the warmer months, depending on the time of day. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your drone during the winter, and make sure that your footage doesn’t suffer the “frigid effect”.
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