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Jeremiah Karpowicz publikoval soubor "8-Commercial-Drone-Predictions-for-2018.pdf", který najdete ke stažení na adrese:
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"Photo courtesy of Airobotics When it comes to the future of the drone industry, the only real consensus around what’s going to happen is that there is no consensus around what’s going to happen. 
- Firms from across the world continue to churn out forecasts that predict a bright future for UAVs in commercial applications of all types, but when and how we’ll arrive at that future is much less agreed upon. 
- Despite the uncertainty, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to take a look at the landscape as a whole and try to figure out when certain developments are going to take place. Our predictions around what 2017 would bring when it came to disputes with regulatory authority, a new focus on insurance and a slew of industry shake-outs were more accurate than not. 
- There are arguments to be made on both sides around whether or not we truly saw the emergence of a worldwide drone market as well as a shift for organizations moving from “exploring” to “implementing” drone technology. - Unfortunately, there was not tremendous progress when it came to changes in the public’s reaction to the technology and major considerations around what it means to scale a program."
Regardless of how true or not any of those predictions were, we can safely say we’ll see further developments for all of those topics in 2018. 
8 Commercial Drone Predictions for 2018 
1) We’ll See Significant Growth in the Overall Drone Economy Which Will be Highlighted by an Expansion of LAANC in the United States and a Powerful Combination of Services, Regulation and Business Models
Across the World
2) Data Will Drive Growth in Various Markets, but the Lessons and Opportunities in the Survey Space Will be Especially Significant
3) Data Will be Used in the Inspection Space to to Prioritize and Predict Maintenance Activities at a Much Lower Operational Expense
4) More Companies Will Pay More Attention to Data Security
5) Get Ready for HALE
6) We’ll See a Breakthrough in Automation
7) A Number of UTM Initiatives Will be Launched and Become Operational in 2018
8) The Role of Counter Drone Technology Will Become Increasingly Important."

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