čtvrtek 21. prosince 2017

A Year of Progress for the Commercial Drone Industry

A Year of Progress for the Commercial Drone Industry
18. 12. 2017 byl na portálu "sUAS News - The Business of Drones" publikován článek, jehož plné znění si můžete prohlédnout na adrese:
"Some twelve months ago there was a far greater concern from the general public regarding the risk to both safety and privacy that UAVs could potentially introduce, but a corner has been turned, and it has become much more expected that drones will be used in a number of different ways."
"There is a more balanced perception of drones now, which previously was subject to a lot of negative coverage due to irresponsible use by untrained operators that did not understand the regulations surrounding the use of these systems."
"There is also a noticeable momentum from larger enterprises that are seeing the benefit of using drones to bolster their varying businesses, although there is still some work to be done in promoting the safety of such systems, particularly in large enterprises that are risk-averse with regards to compromising their commercial interests."

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