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Amazon Patents Drone Self-Destruction System

Amazon Patents Drone Self-Destruction System
In a worst-case scenario, the shopping giant wants drone fragmentation.
Autor David Grossman publikoval 1. 12. 2017 na portálu "Popular mechanics", článek o dronu, který se dokáže sám zničit.
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Cituji z textu:
"Amazon has been granted a patent on self-destructing drones. Or, if you want to use the more technical term, "directed fragmentation of an unmanned aerial vehicle."
"Spotted by The Verge, the patent describes what could happen if an Amazon package drone were to fail mid-delivery. Drones can fail for any number of reasons: battery failure, hitting a bird, or even getting shot down. If Amazon drone delivery wants to get off the ground, its drones will need plenty of fail-safes to win the several levels of governmental approval, from federal to city."
"When loss of flight operation is detected, the UAV can enter a fragmentation sequence mode," the patent, invented by Amazon employees Dushyant Goyal and Pragyana K. Mishra, reads. "During the fragmentation sequence, one or more parts or components of the UAV can be released. In doing so, the weight, speed, air drag coefficient, and other factors related to the UAV can be altered. At the same time, the momentum and trajectory of the UAV are also altered."

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