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American Robotics Unveils Fully Autonomous Drone System for Precision Farming

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Gary V. McMurray, Associate Director, Collaborative Robotics, Georgia Tech Research Institute
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"American Robotics, an industrial drone developer specializing in agricultural automation, has unveiled its flagship product ScoutTM. It is a self-charging, self-managing drone system capable of autonomously carrying out daily scouting missions."
"Traditional scouting techniques, including first-generation and consumer drones, are inadequate at detecting plant stress early enough to offset the billions of dollars of lost yields. These methods are often time-consuming, complicated, and uneconomical. To improve agricultural decision-making, optimize inputs, and maximize yields, automation must be delivered in a reliable industrial solution."
"Scout delivers this automation in a turn-key package consisting of an autonomous drone with visual and multispectral cameras and a weatherproof drone station which handles housing, charging, data processing and data transfer. Once installed within a farmer’s field, it requires no manual intervention to plan, fly and manage the drone operations. Health reports and analysis are seamlessly sent to the farmer. The system has already been deployed in a range of agricultural locations across the United States this summer."
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