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- Vertical Industries Civil Infrastructure
- Construction, Mining & Aggregates
- Emergency Response & Security
- Insurance
- Inspection
- Precision Agriculture 
- Process, Power & Utilities
- Surveying & Mapping 
- Vendors: Products Components
- Hardware
- Software 
- Vendors: Services Data
- Financing & Purchasing
- Insurance Coverage 
- Legal
- Strategy & Development
- Training & Safety
Cituji úvodní část textu dokumentu:

"If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize after being involved with the commercial UAV space, it’s that a lot of people have a lot of questions. Those questions can be about anything from how to choose a particular solution to what approach needs to be taken around quantifying an ROI, but they can also get very specific.
What does it mean to legally operate a drone in a given region? Does a particular company have a solution that is specifically designed for the application you have in mind? How can an operator effectively turn raw data into actionable information? This directory is designed to showcase the manufactures and organizations that can help provide you with answers and solutions that will allow you to effectively utilize drone technology. Whether your questions are centered on the industry you’re working in, or on a product or service, this guide focuses on the companies you’re able to connect with in-person at the Commercial UAV Expo to help you get a better understanding of the answers they’ll be able to provide for you."
TIP"Komplexní průvodce drony" najdete na TÉTO adrese.

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