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Drones Are Tools, Not Toys

Oxford Stories Video: Meek School Professor Says Drones Are Tools, Not Toys - HottyToddy.com
By Clay Patrick
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"Heo said he evaluates the need of a drone using the questions: “Does it add news value? Does it actually give us a new perspective? Are there angles or cinematic effects that you cannot get with a normal camera?”
As a journalist, he is always investigating to tell stories and said you must thoroughly plan shots because “if you are telling a story, it still has to make sense.”
One of the most controversial technology issues in recent memory, camera drones have been hotly contested for their potential to interfere with citizens’ privacy.
For anyone who has flown or seen a drone in action, this is evidently impossible as the devices are often prohibitively loud for these uses.
However, these tools can be used for major advances in journalism and cinematography when used appropriately.
The caveat to those statements is when the tech is used properly. The Federal Aviation Administration is the agency in charge of controlling U.S. airspace for both manned and unmanned aircraft. Their duty lies with keeping aerial traffic organized and the skies safe."

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