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How AI is driving UAV intelligence, autonomy

Future of drones: How AI is driving UAV intelligence, autonomy
Autor: Mekhala Roy - Assistant Site Editor - 21. 9. 2017
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"LAS VEGAS -- Technologies like artificial intelligence and deep learning are driving the evolution of drones and fueling their autonomous future, according to Jesse Clayton, senior manager of product management for intelligent machines at Nvidia. Clayton spoke with SearchCIO at the recent InterDrone conference in Las Vegas, where he discussed the underlying technologies that are shaping the future of drones. In this video, he gives an overview of the commercial applications of drones and explains how advances in AI are impacting the drone industry."
"What are some of the most surprising business applications of drones that you have seen?
Jesse Clayton: Before we talk about the applications, it's important to understand some of the big trends that are happening in technology right now. Modern artificial intelligence -- and, specifically, deep learning -- is making it possible to solve problems that were practically unsolvable before. There are three big things that have happened to make this possible: The first is big data, the second is new algorithms, and the third is GPUs from Nvidia. Artificial intelligence is so powerful that it's impacting almost every industry...."
"Over the next five years, we see a transition to drones that are able to navigate and solve tasks more autonomously."
There's tremendous opportunity to bring this artificial intelligence to robots like UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] to enable them to do new things, and that's why we built Nvidia Jetson. ....
Let's talk about the future of drones. What's in store for enterprise drone software?
"Clayton: There's a lot of research happening now on the AI side. We see this continuing to accelerate and we see companies applying this research to enable new applications in the UAV space...."
What does the future of drones look like?
"Clayton: Over the next five years, we see a transition to drones that are able to navigate and solve tasks more autonomously...."
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