sobota 16. prosince 2017

NTSB Aviation Incident Final Report Blackhawk DJI Phantom collision

Výsledky vyšetřování kolize Phantonu.
Výše uvedený článek vystavil na portálu "" autor Gary Mortimer dne 14.12.2017. Najdete ho na adrese:

Cituji vybrané části textu:
"Ladies and gentlemen the results are in, and as expected the Phantom operator was operating beyond visual line of sight, and with no idea of the regulations he or she should have been complying with."
"Interesting that the NTSB has looked at previous log files and noted that the operator flew above 400’ and that they don’t consider the DJI GO4 app sufficient for the provision of aeronautical data. But then of course DJI would say that as well, sadly too many people believe what they see on their apps is all they need to know to stay legal."
"Bad luck for DJI that they had disabled the TFR restriction function at the time of the incident though."
"Glad to see civil twilight gets a mention as well, another grey (no pun intended) area."
"The collision occurred 2.5 miles from the operator, will this be the first BVLOS prosecution in the USA or will the FAA simply look to education?"

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