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Robots and drones could be the next industrial revolution

The Amazon Effect: Robots and drones could be the next industrial revolutionFrom the Puget Sound Business Journal:
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Casey Coombs - Staff Writer Aug 25, 2017 - ECHODYNE
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"he wedding starts in one hour and you didn’t buy a gift.
So you place an Amazon order while heading to the ceremony. A robot 20 miles away in Amazon’s highly automated Kent fulfillment center moves a shelf with your order to a picking station where another robot grabs, boxes and loads the product onto a delivery drone.
Less than 30 minutes after you pushed the button, the flying robot hands you the gift as you pull up to the wedding.
This futuristic scenario isn’t as far off as you might think. Seattle-based Amazon already has more than 100,000 robots shuttling products to human pickers in more than 25 of its highly robotized fulfillment centers. Picking and stowing bots are next. Then drones.
“We’re developing delivery of the future, providing customers a variety of options so that they can choose what works best for them,” said Amazon spokesman Harry Hartfield. “Prime Air is just another way for us to offer convenient, fast, predictable and trustworthy services to our customers.”
- A new kind of warehouse job
- Real estate opportunities
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"AWS was developed to help Amazon meet holiday demand. Now it’s one of Amazon’s fastest-growing businesses."
It’s easy to imagine robots and drones similarly taking off.

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