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Informace o modelu "SolarDrone" byla publikována 29.12.2017.
Najdete ji na adrese portálu: a to na adrese:
Cituji z úvodu:"SolarDrone, established from the laboratory of National Taiwan University, teamed up with experts in photovoltaic and UAV technologies to tackle the enduring problem of drone flight time. The product will be showcased at CES2018 Eureka Startup Marketplace (booth#52105), where some of the newest technology trends are featured.
SolarDrone’s solar-powered quadcopters have been re-designed, re-engineered, and reprogrammed to be able to extend its flight time from less than 30mins to hours. In order to achieve this feat, the team focused on developing a lightweight form factor and sufficient power harvested from the solar panels. SolarDrone’s flight time extension not only increases pleasure for recreational drone usage, but also opens up possible new applications in agricultural, security, rescue, and exploration......".

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