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The 2018 drone journalism forecast

The 2018 drone journalism forecast | Poynter
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"One year ago, I hoped to be able to say to you now that drone journalism took off in 2017.  This year, Poynter — along with the National Press Photographers Association, The Drone Journalism Lab at the University of Nebraska and DJI — taught nearly 400 journalists how to legally and safely fly. But the never-ending flow of local and state restrictions and the slow response of the FAA to airspace waiver requests keep drones from being the daily tool they can be. There is reason to believe 2018 will give those of us who are licensed drone pilots more freedom to fly.
In July, the FAA announced that in 2018, it will be rolling out a new "instant waiver" program that should allow you to get an airspace waiver in minutes. The system is called the LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) program. ..... And the FAA produced a map that makes it easier to see what kinds of restrictions you will encounter where you want to fly.
This year, drones also gave journalists the ability to document the floods and destruction from hurricanes and the devastation that California wildfires left behind.
I asked some of the people who I taught with this year to give us a glimpse of where drone journalism stands and where we are heading. Our gurus include:
- Matt Waite, University of Nebraska Drone Journalism Lab
- Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel, National Press Photographers Association
- Sally French, known as "The Drone Girl" at
Otázky: ( po každé otázce následující odpovědi všech tří osobností )
- How would you assess 2017 for drone journalists? We hoped the year would be the breakthrough year with the Part 107 licenses being issued. Did it live up to the expectations?
Watch Mickey Osterreicher describe drone privacy issues
- What will be the single biggest development for drone journalists in 2018?
- What concerns you most about the drone landscape ahead?
Watch Sally French describe the testing process for drone licensing
Watch Matt Waite describe who needs to get certified to fly
- Point us to a remarkable piece of drone photography that you saw in 2017.
A quick survey

The Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin along with the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) is interested in your thoughts about drone journalism. Both UW and NPPA were partners with Poynter in our 2017 drone journalism workshops. We are asking you to take a short survey to better understand your attitudes and beliefs about the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS) for news-gathering and reporting.We estimate the survey will take about 14 minutes to complete."

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