sobota 9. prosince 2017

The Drones Mag

The Drones Mag
Na dále uvedené adrese najdete elektronický časopis "The Drone Mag":
Cituji zaměření časopisu:
"Our team of multi-rotor experts helps readers make the most of multi-rotor craft on The Drones Mag website. This authoritative site is dedicated exclusively to drone flight and positioned to help feed our readers growing enthusiasm for these versatile machines!

Whether you’re an experienced RC pilot or just starting out, The Drones Mag will help you learn more about building, piloting and maximizing the capabilities of:
• Commercial Systems
• Drone racing
• Aerial Photography
• Drone Safety
• Running Your Drone Business
• Multi-Rotor Drone Frames
• Ready-To-Fly Systems
• Micro Quads
• Flight Controllers
• Aerobatic & Sport Multicopters

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