čtvrtek 28. prosince 2017

Trump Signs Bill Reinstating Registration For Hobbyist Drones

Trump Signs Bill Reinstating Registration For Hobbyist Drones : Foster Folly News, Chipley, Florida
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najdete úvahu Patricka C. Millera, UAS Magazine, týkající se rozhodnutí prezidenta Trumpa, týkající se registrace dronů. 
Cituji podstatnou část:
"Trump signed the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, which applies primarily to defense funding, but also includes a measure reinstating the requirement for hobbyists to register drones with the FAA. Last May, a federal judge ruled that the agency had exceeded its authority regulate hobbyist and recreational drones, a category Congress had specifically excluded.
The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)—the world’s largest model aviation association with 195,000 members, believes “registration makes sense at some level.” However, the organization continues to advocate “for a more reasonable threshold........”
The Property Drone Consortium (PDC), which represents a collaboration of insurance carriers, construction industry leaders and supporting enterprises, applauded Trump’s signing of the legislation reinstating the registration requirement."

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