úterý 12. prosince 2017

Výčet variant využití dronů v oblasti bezpečnosti

Výčet variant využití dronů v oblasti bezpečnosti - "Fire Cam's UAS": 
Přehled byl vybrán z článku na adrese: http://firecam.com/uav-drones/
Cituji z článku:
"For firefighting operations, search and rescue, storm damage assessment, HazMat or whatever the incident is, you will likely need specific accessories such as battery quantities, battery life or types and sizes of cameras."
Police and Fire Departments are using drones in these daily scenarios:
• Aerial recon on wildland fires and structural fires
• 360⁰ incident size-up
• Rapid flow path analysis on structure fires
• On-Scene personnel accountability
• Incident Safety Officer awareness
• Scene illumination with aerial spotlight
• Assess roof integrity
• Fire hydrant location
• Water discharge and effectiveness assessment
• Assessing effectiveness of attack line use in the attic space
• Identify unseen hotspots
• Water rescue via tagline / victim location / floatation device drops
• Rapid storm damage assessment
• Missing person search
• Air transport of emergency equipment — M600
• Police suspect search and tracking
• Locate access to wildland fires
• Provide aerial imagery for arson fire investigation
• Fatality auto accident investigation
• Crime scene investigation
• Aerial surveillance of illegal narcotics production
• Post incident analysis and training
• Police perimeter aerial reinforcement
• SWAT overwatch
• Police Standoff
• Bomb threat assessment
• Aerial recon of a HazMat incident
• Aerial recon of a train incident
• Unprecedented situational awareness to Emergency Operations Center via live stream
• Emergency Management planning
• City Parks Dept. maintenance improvement via aerial imagery
Cituji ze závěru článku:
"Fire Cam's UAS solutions are customizable to your needs. Several factors must be taken into consideration when implementing a drone for your department such as battery life, camera and lens types and the need for weather resistance. Let us help you find the perfect drone solution for your department."

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