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Výsledek vyšetřování kolize - pilot dronu vinen

AMA Releases Statement on Drone Collision Report 
Posted By: Miriam McNabbon: December 15, 2017
Článek najdete na portálu "dronelife" na adrese:
Cituji z textu zprávy:
"The Academy of Model Aircraft(AMA), representing a large community of drone operators, has issued a  statement on the recently released National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) report on the collision between a civilian (DJI Phantom) and a Black Hawk helicopter near Staten Island, New York this September.
The report – and the blame, in this case – is clear.  The drone operator was fully responsible for the incident.  The operator wasn’t only breaking every basic rule in the book – he was totally unaware of most of them.
The drone operator admitted to flying over 400 feet and at a distance of 2.5 miles away – well beyond visual line of site in an area that he understood was frequently shared.  He had no idea that was a problem.
The sUAS pilot indicated that he was not concerned with flying beyond visual line of sight, and he expressed only a general cursory awareness of regulations and good operating practices.”
The 10-page report is an embarrassment to responsible drone operators and an industry struggling to work with lawmakers on reasonable regulation"

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