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2017: What they don’t tell you about drones and electric cars

2017: What they don’t tell you about drones and electric cars
Annette Chrysostomou discovered some important technological truths in 2017. 31.12.2017 publikovala na portálu "cyprus-mail" článek na výše uvedené téma.
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Cituji vybrané části článku:
"Two of the most intriguing topics I have covered this year are both linked to technology – drones and electric cars.
- Intriguing? Unmanned aircraft and cars? The reader may well wonder. But not only are these items all about rapidly changing technology and its possibilities, they are also about misconceptions and common beliefs which are all too often one-sided.
- Take drones, for example. People don’t keep up with what is happening around drones which are rapidly changing and don’t realise the drones of today are vastly different from those just a few years ago.
Cituji ze závěru:
"And this is why it was fun to write this article, much like the one about drones. Clearing up a few misconceptions. In this case, I only found out about the amount of actual emissions because I had the help of a very knowledgeable and helpful engineer, an expert in the field.
- It isn’t that easy to calculate the emissions of power stations and what they mean in relation to car emissions and liquid fuel, and that is why I enjoyed the engineer’s enlightening help.
- Plus, it is not only about emissions. I next found that battery cells for the vehicles are not only extremely heavy and expensive, their production also eats up an enormous amount of energy.
- In short, it was a journey of discovery and one I enjoyed sharing with readers, hopefully adding a bit of balance to the way objects such as drones and electric cars are usually depicted."

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