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AgroFly SpUAV 1.2 entering production in Q1 2018

AgroFly SpUAV 1.2 entering production in Q1 2018
3. 1. 2018 byl na portálu "suasnews" publikován článek s uvedeným názvem.
Najdete ho na adrese:
Cituji z textu článku:
"AgroFly’s target is to revolutionize plant protection treatments by bringing the right product, at the right time, at the right place!....."
"Scientific assessments were conducted together with Agroscope, the Swiss institute for agricultural research (noise, application homogeneity, nozzles configuration), University of Geisenheim (ISO 22866 drift assessments) and Syngenta Global – Crop protection / Application Technology department (quality deposit, drifts). Mr. Didier Ançay, our in-house agronomist with international experience, conducts R&D on the spraying parts while Pr. Dominique Genoud leads the Technical department.
Cituji ze závěru:
"Options to the Standard system are:
• D-RTK (centimeter-precise GPS)
• D-RTK ground station with industrial tripod
• Microwave radar system (ground following)
• Simple Ground Station -> needed on more complex and uneven plots
• AgroFly patented grape-zone spraying device (for vineyards)
• Nozzles kit -> depending type of crops you want to spray
• Nav-lights (for night operations, if permitted in the country of intended operations)"

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