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Airspace Systems’ “drone-hunting drones”

Meet the Ultimate Drone-Catching Drone
Autorka" Rebecca Heilweil , CONTRIBUTOR
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"Airspace Systems’ drones are built to detect, track and ultimately deter or capture enemy drones.We actually physically intercept the drone. We don’t rely on electronic jamming,” says Banga. Comparatively, other companies in the drone security market have mostly worked on drone detection...............
- Airspace Systems is focused on creating drone security systems for crowded spaces, like cities and the suburbs, where there is a higher risk of collateral damage, and therefore, a greater need for stealth and precision.
- The company has designed their drones to use a Kevlar module to catch their targets gently, rather than shooting them down and detonating any explosives they might be harboring.....................
You have to treat every drone that comes in as possibly something that’s going to be very dangerous for that crowd of 30, 40, [or] 50,000 people,” Banga says.......
“It’s a really impressive piece of technology because you don’t need to tell it what to do,” says Bar-Nahum.........".

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