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DJI and Ryze Tech Launch Tello, a Highly-Capable Low-Budget Drone

DJI and Ryze Tech Launch Tello, a Highly-Capable Low-Budget Drone - DRONELIFE
Posted By: Malek Murisonon: January 08, 2018
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"When DJI announced the Spark back in May last year, we thought the move cemented the Chinese manufacturer as the leader in every price bracket. But we were probably too hasty with that assumption. There are countless drones and manufacturers which come into the ‘toy’ category and cost much less than the $500 Spark. Bad news for them today though, as DJI has just launched its very own budget drone: The $99 Tello.
DJI’s $99 obstacle avoiding drone
At least that’s the headline. In fact, the drone has been developed and manufactured by Shenzhen startup Ryze Tech. It will be sold on the DJI website and looks uncannily like a smaller brother of the Spark. The Tello has also been created with the help of DJI and another industry giant, Intel, using technology from both to make this a budget drone capable of much more than its low-budget competitors.
Introducing the DJI Tello
We’re usually very wary of drones that cost under $100. You tend to get what you pay for in this industry, after all. But DJI and Intel don’t get involved with products unless they know it will make an impact, so it’s worth taking a closer look at Tello.
What you get for $99…".

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