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DJI Introduces Knowledge Quiz for Drone Pilots in the UK

DJI Introduces Knowledge Quiz for Drone Pilots in the UK
Článek byl publikován  21.12.2017 na portálu "suasnews", na adrese:
Cituji vybrané části textu:
"DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is introducing a knowledge quiz this Friday for all pilots who are operating drones in the UK airspace. The test comes prior to government plans to introduce a safety awareness test for drone users in 2018.....
The Knowledge Quiz is the latest step in DJI’s long commitment to improving drone safety with technological and educational solutions:
• In 2014, DJI pioneered geofencing systems for its drones, using GPS position to warn or restrict drone pilots from entering locations which pose national security or aviation safety concerns.
• In 2016, DJI upgraded its geofencing programming to include the capability for live updates of temporary flight restrictions and other changing hazardous conditions such as wildfires, while also adding flexibility for drone pilots with authority to operate in those locations.
• DJI built automatic altitude limitations into its flight control apps to help pilots ensure they fly at safe altitudes. DJI developed sense-and-avoid systems for recent drone models, which use sensors to identify obstacles and either stop short of them or navigate around them.
• DJI created return-to-home systems which automatically guide a drone back to its takeoff point if it is low on battery or loses connection to its pilot.
• DJI invented intelligent systems to monitor available battery life and temperature in real time, maintain battery health and warn of potential battery malfunctions before flight.
• DJI includes a flight simulator with its drone software, so new drone pilots can practice flying on a screen before trying it in reality.
• DJI has implemented the aviation industry standard ADS-B traffic awareness technology by installing receivers in its M200 series drones, giving drone pilots advance warning of nearby traditional aircraft equipped with ADS-B transmitters. DJI has committed to installing ADS-B receivers in additional products in the future."

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