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DJI Tello - The smartest toy drone you’ll ever fly

By Kevin Lee 
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Even from our brief time with the DJI Tello, we can tell its going to be one of the best drones of 2018 with a ton of smarts and surprisingly ample performance for its small size.
• Incredibly affordable and fun
• Phone-based POV mode
• Motion-controlled flying still makes you feel like a Jedi
• Light enough to be carried away by a breeze
• Not designed to be flown outside
There’s never a shortage of drones at CES 2018 these days, but if you look past all the hexacopter and quadcoptors designed for extreme performance, DJI unveiled something uniquely simple with the DJI Tello. Unlike the company’s previous products, the $99 (£99, AU$169) DJI Tello is more of a tiny flying toy to help kids and starting filers into the air.
On top of that, the Tello is bringing some unique features not seen on a DJI drone before including mid-air flips, livestreaming and the ability to program your airframe. Furthermore, the drone is packing some smart tech courtesy of Intel to make it safe to fly safely and easily indoors.......
DJI is helping provide flight stabilization technology and selling the tiny flier under its brand and on its online store........
Early verdict
It’s easy to write off the Tello as a $99 (£99, AU$169) toy drone, but it brings some serious performance to the world of tiny drones. With 13-minutes of flight time and all the motion based controls, it’s a much more accessible than just buying another cheap toy drone you’ll crash land within minutes of your first flight.
The Tello isn’t just DJI’s smallest and cheapest drone, it’s also their most fun flier yet. .....".

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