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Drone for Passenger Transport

Intel CEO Demos the Volocopter: a Drone for Passenger Transport
Posted By: Miriam McNabbon: January 09, 2018 - Dronelife
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"Intel did not disappoint the audience at CES 2018. ...But for the drone industry, there was a clear highlight: the first ever North American demonstration of the Volocopter. The Volocopter is the German-based passenger drone that has made history as the world’s first drone taxi, implemented in Dubai last summer. Powered by Intel technology, the Volocopter Is “the first fully electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft, designed for passenger transport,” says Intel...... “ The Intel flight control technology analyzes environmental data with highly redundant sensors and is able to compensate for certain flight malfunctions. It can also accommodate for certain wind gusts and shifts in the center of gravity to help stabilize the position of the aircraft.”
"Seeing the aircraft lift on on stage brought greater realism to the reports that Volocopter has flown over 400 times in Germany and overseas – and with Dubai’s drone taxi project to serve as proof of concept, the idea no longer seems beyond the realm of possibility."
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