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Drone trends to watch in 2018: Big data, flying taxis, and home security

Drone trends to watch in 2018: Big data, flying taxis, and home security  VentureBeat
Yariv Bash is CEO of Flytrex Aviation and Amit Regev is cofounder and VP of Product at the company.
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"Drones are going to see significant new capabilities in 2018. The use of multiple high-functioning cameras as well as upgraded Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) will enhance navigational acumen far beyond that of today’s drone models. This, combined with ultra-fast charging and longer-lasting batteries, means the drones of 2018 will have far greater range and performance flexibility.
Expect to see more and more sectors incorporating drones into their operations this year as a result. Here are three areas that should be especially interesting to watch:
1. Drone-enabled big data
"Drones offer a vast, bird’s eye view for collecting data, which can contribute enormously to diverse areas such as weather, traffic flow, and even disaster forecasting. A fleet of drones can collect and analyze road conditions in real-time, amassing data that can help alleviate gridlock. And, unlike traffic cameras, drones have the flexibility to observe from numerous angles and can be sent swiftly to flashpoints, making them ideal for monitoring our roadways......
2. Unmanned flying taxis
"It won’t quite be the Jetsons, but in 2018, several companies will be competing to bring us the flying car/drone, also known as the AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle). The concept first emerged with proof of concept prototypes from major players such as Ehang, whose eco-friendly AAVs aim to serving as autonomous personal transportation devices. The company has raised over $50 million in funding.
- Another competitor is Volocopter a German company aiming to help cities resolve growing mobility issues. Featuring a two-seated drone with 18 rotors, Volocopter received $30 million in funding from Daimler and was also chosen to lead Dubai’s revolutionary aerial shuttle service, with testing already taking place.......
3. Home surveillance via drone
"Home security cameras could soon become a thing of the past with the rise of autonomous, multi-sensor drones. These drones will self-activate upon detecting noise or suspicious movement and fly inside or around a property until the threat is found and thwarted – with the homeowner watching from a safe distance. Drones are already used for surveillance in large industrial facilities, but drone-based home surveillance systems will likely take wing in 2018.......
- Technologies such as AI, computer vision, and energy storage will also continue to develop exponentially in 2018."

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