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Drones as a Service Are a Natural Extension of RaaS

Drones as a Service Are a Natural Extension of RaaS
8. 11. 2017 publikoval TOM RAMAR článek na výše uvedené téma.
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Cituji z úvodu článku:
"Increasing levels of autonomy are enabling drones to fly overhead with minimal pilot direction and send the most pertinent data back to mission control. The growing popularity of RaaS or drones as a service models could one day lead to the “Internet of Drones” coming to fruition."
Drones as a service grow in government
"Although consumers will continue to purchase drones for personal uses such as aerial photography, the growth of drones as a service means more businesseswill have access to big data and insights from mobile sensors."
"By 2020, the fastest growth opportunity for drones will come from business and civil governments, predicts Goldman Sachs. This projected growth could help catapult this market forward, allowing for new entrants.
"Drones are able to reach new altitudes and collect more data at a faster pace than the human eye, which is what helps make drones as a service so valuable. They can monitor an environment in real time and share only the most important information as they have it.....".

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