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Drones in 2018: Thought Leaders Make Predictions

Drones in 2018: Thought Leaders Make Predictions - DRONELIFE
Posted By: Miriam McNabbon: January 02, 2018
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"2017 was a big year for drones: the industry saw unprecedented growth, progress in regulations, and new uses and technologies almost every week.  With 2018 upon us, DRONELIFE asked three industry thought leaders for their predictions about what the next year will bring – and added some of our own.....
Drones Will Enter a New Era of Automation
As the provider of the most popular drone mapping app in the world, DroneDeploy has a vast experience in the commercial drone market.  Their prediction for 2018 is that automation will change the way that drones are used.
“As more large companies put drones to work, we can expect to see a greater need for automated flight, workflows, and analysis,” says DroneDeploy. “The increase in the data produced will require automated data transfer and analysis around the clock. More APIs and integrations will connect drone data with industry tools, eliminating silos and driving collaboration across organizations. ”
Jono Millin, Chief Product Officer at DroneDeploy, sees flight changing: “With improvements to flight automation, a drone will be able to evaluate its environment—enabling smarter in-flight decisions and adaptive flight planning in challenging environments.”

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