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Drony z LEGO stavebnice

Co-founded by Amir Hirsch ’06, SM ’07, Flybrix drones offers people of all ages the ability to fly their ideas.
Kate Repantis, MIT Alumni Association, August 3, 2017
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- Like many kids, Amir Hirsch ’06, SM ’07 grew up playing with LEGOs.
- It lets you tinker around with LEGOs, come up with a design you like, and see it fly,” Hirsch says.
- In addition to the LEGOs, Flybrix kits come with all the parts necessary to build a drone and make it fly, including motors, a fully-routed Arduino board, and a lithium polymer battery.
- Learning opportunities abound. Builders gain insight into the: aerodynamics of the drone’s fan, the electromechanics necessary to control a motor, and flight basics including balance and feedback. Hirsch, who double-majored in mathematics and electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) for his bachelor's and earned a master's in EECS, says such concepts become much clearer when actually flying a drone built by hand.
- “You really feel the feedback system trying to keep it stable,” he says.
- But what goes up must come down. The average Flybrix drone can stay up for five minutes.
- “Most of the time when I’m flying something, people ask that I crash it into the wall,” said Hirsch who earned his degrees in electrical engineering and computer science as well as mathematics. “Because they all want to see it shatter into a lot of pieces..........................”

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