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How to Determine Which Drone Data Processing Solution Fits Your Business Need

How to Determine Which Drone Data Processing Solution Fits Your Business Need
Jeremiah Karpowicz publikoval 9. ledna 1018 článek na výše uvedené téma.
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"....After all, gathering all the necessary data might take a single drone flight, but processing that data to create actionable information is a much different endeavor.
-Who should process your UAV mapping data?” is a question that many are asking, and the Aerotas team has put together a great resource to help professionals answer it. When it comes to processing, the options essentially come down to cloud-based automated processing, local self-processing and expert processing. What are the pros and cons of each approach though? What factors need to be taken into consideration when making a decision around which to choose? Their articlebreaks down the essentials of each approach, and provides indispensable insight for anyone trying to figure out the right drone data processing method for their company.
- We wanted to explore a few of the concepts from the article a bit more in-depth, so we caught up with Aerotas founder Logan Campbell. In the interview below, he lays out how much of a factor time is for processing, what cost distinctions exist for the higher-end processing options, where he recommends professionals start when they need to make a data processing decision and much more.......".TIP"Komplexní průvodce drony" najdete na TÉTO adrese.

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