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The Next Stage for Drones in 2018

The Next Stage for Drones in 2018
Autoři: Katie Flash a Michael Pehel publikovali 3. 1. 2018 článek s výše uvedeným názvem. 
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"Professional interest in drones began to solidify in 2017. Part 107 landed the year before and it jumpstarted a wave of industry confidence that led commercial operators and business owners to produce some of the most exciting UAV initiatives since the drone revolution began. The future looks bright for 2018, but don’t expect the ground to stand still. We expect a lot of big changes in 2018 and here are just a few of them:
- Near real-time flight approvals
The national beta test of LAANC (the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability), will foster more innovations and commercial flights with near real-time, automatic approval to fly in controlled airspace below approved altitudes. If the beta test is successful in the 10 test regions, a full rollout will eliminate a point of anxiety for legitimate commercial pilots seeking to permission to fly in controlled airspace.
- Increased use in public safety and disaster relief
Part 107 cleared the road for emergency services, law enforcement, and fire departments to start investing seriously in drone programs in 2017. This trend is bound to continue as clear use cases have been established where drones can save and protect lives or rapidly assess accident and crime scenes. Notably, the Menlo Park Fire District has worked with both DJI and Intel on initiatives to train firemen in the use of drones and build hardware suited for the unique requirements of firefighting. In the arena of disaster and emergency response, drones proved their utility in the Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria relief efforts. 2017 showed drones power to save lives, and hopefully will save more in 2018.......".

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