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This Short Film Was Lit Entirely with Drone Lights

This Short Film Was Lit Entirely with Drone Lights
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"This Short Film Was Lit Entirely with Drone Lights Using drones to illuminate scenes and subjects using flashes and powerful LED lights is a new trend made possible by the emergence of affordable and intelligent consumer drones. If you’d like to see what the latest experimentation is producing, check out the 2.5-minute short film above, titled “mémoires”. It was lit entirely with drone lights.
“I think its this is an absolutely revolutionary way of film lightingboth in a creative and technical sense — allowing for both very traditional (big crew) setup with a very tiny crew and also creating some surreal, nearly painterly lighting effects that I haven’t seen before” cinematographer Tim Sessler of BROOKLYN AERIALS tells PetaPixel. Last year, Sessler and his crew shot the world’s first drone video to use the dolly zoom (AKA the “Vertigo effect”) to create a mind-bending video.

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“We think this kind of lighting could be revolutionary for the film industry – pushing creative lighting in a completely new direction and open doors for indie filmmakers as well as high-budget feature films, commercials or even music videos,” writes Sessler. “We are very excited to see where this technology is going and how we can use it on future projects!”

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