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3 ways aerial imagery could help you in 2018

3 ways aerial imagery could help you in 2018
Tom J Bechman | Dec 26, 2017 - wallacesfarmer.com
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"There are real-life situations where looking from above lets you see more.
- A few years ago, a county Extension educator was trying to figure out why every so often across a cornfield, two rows were pale green instead of dark green at tasseling. He never figured out the pattern. He couldn’t get above the field to see exactly what the pattern looked like.
- “That is where aerial imagery can really make a difference,” says Bob Nielsen, Purdue University Extension corn specialist. “I’ve often found myself thinking, ‘Man, if I could just get above the corn to see if I could pick up a pattern.’ Today, you can.”
- There are several options for doing this, including unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial flights and satellite images. Nielsen experimented with a UAV during the 2017 season, and was impressed with what it allowed him to see above the crop....".
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