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3D Printing For Drones, new Youtube show

3D Printing For Drones, new Youtube show
By Tiaan Roux - 18 May 2017 -
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"Today we launched our new weekly show on Youtube called 3D Printing For Drones with the first instalment called ‘What is 3D Printing?’. Over the coming months in this show, myself and Gary will be exploring what benefits 3D printing technology could bring to the UAS field both in the short and long term as well as print and test out UAS related objects and parts, and even complete fixed-wing airframes.
- The Drone & Sundry Youtube channel is brought to you by sUAS News and on the channel we cover drone news and events, chat to industry professionals and insiders, explore UAS related software and hardware, as well as tinker with drones and related technologies such as 3D printing and maker-type electronics....."

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