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5 Commercial Drone Industry Predictions for 2018
17. 1. 2018  - Kevin Gallagher - co-founder, CEO and pres.of Simulyze, Ing.
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"For many years the drone market was slow to take off. It wasn’t until 2015 that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted hundreds of exemptions for companies to operate drones in the U.S. airspace. This year (2017 ) the drone industry saw significant growth. Due to the current administration’s support for drone integration and adding of FAA regulations, UAS technology innovations have surged—and 2018 doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Check out these five predictions on the future of the commercial drone industry.
1. Multiple Regulatory Environments Working Together
The upcoming year will show us how multiple regulatory environments can work together to support drones entering the National Airspace System (NAS)....
2. Modernizing the Air Traffic System
Throughout 2018 several federal agencies will address integrating unmanned aircraft into the airspaces where they are most needed. For instance, this October, the White House and the FAA launched an integrated pilot program to allow for continued research for beyond visual line of sight and to facilitate the integration of UAS into the U.S. airspace.....
3. Commercial Drone Industry Soars
Although a regulatory framework is still under development, next year will see tremendous growth for commercial drone applications as commercial industries pursue aerial data to provide insight into profitable inspection and survey data collection....
4. Drones Respond to Disasters 
The drone response to recent natural disasters is encouraging an easing of regulations for drone use in search and rescue missions and other humanitarian efforts....
5. Sense and Avoid Drone Technologies Emerge
Stemming from continued UAS integration efforts, a significant number of sense and avoid applications will emerge in the coming year to ensure UAS flight safety. Sense and avoid technologies will enable drone operators and drones themselves to identify obstacles and maneuver fast-flying UAS safely and efficiently...."

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