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Four Commercial Drone Trends to Watch in 2018

Považuji za velmi podnětnou úvahu, zasazující problematiku dron-trhu do šírších souvislostí informačního managementu a umělé inteligence.
The Drone Analyst: Four Commercial Drone Trends to Watch in 2018 

Posted By: Colin Snowon: February 08, 2018 - DRONELIFE
Guest post by leading drone industry analyst Colin Snow of Skylogic Research.
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"...this post looks forward, offering our specific predictions for 2018, including investments, technology improvements, ecosystem partnerships, and software innovations."
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Four Commercial Drone Trends
- Investment and testing will continue in earnest on Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.
- You’ll see more news on improved sensors, hardware integration, networking, and processing.
- Look for more partnerships, software, and innovations coming from the DJI Enterprise ecosystem.
- Software will dominate advancements.
- We also expect to see more aerial imaging and mapping software firms announce artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Right now, most of this is cloud-based machine learning (aka deep learning and predictive analytics) where data sets are trained by specialized teams. You may see some edge-based AI announcements for image recognition / machine vision, but be cautious when you do. We think it’s still early in the technology development cycle and AI is at peak hype.
- We think the big news for 2018 will be the integration of drone data and workflow into asset management systems. Capabilities include documentation, tracking, and GIS data integration." 
"As I speak to clients, I always like to remind them of two things about the commercial drone market. First, it’s not a drone market, it’s a data and information market. The drone is just a data capture device. Second, drones are aircraft not consumer products and as such their operations are regulated by aviation authorities."  
"Listen to the companion podcast here"

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