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Interactive Drone Museum

Interactive Drone Museum opens in Osaka, Japan 
Published on - February 5, 2018 - By Audrey Zhang - WeTalkUAV.Com
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"Two things often hold consumers back from making that big drone purchase.Cost and the fear of damaging the drone through improper use. A pioneering group in Japan is hoping to change that, at least for Japanese drone enthusiasts.
In a first for Japan, the nation’s premier drone museum opened in its second largest city of Osaka, featuring a lineup of drones that visitors can purchase and even try out, right there in the museum.
- New Osaka drone museum offers hands-on flight experience.
- The new museum can be found in Osaka’s Minamihorie district. It features 16 different types of drone from a range of manufacturers inside of Japan and from abroad.There’s a little something for everyone in the drone industry here, with drones ranging from palm-sized bots to massive crop duster drones.
- The museum even sports some cutting-edge drone technology, such as one that responds purely to gesture-based controls.
- One of the biggest draws for the museum is its indoor space that is large enough for drone flight and instruction. Visitors will be able to test drones in hands-on modules and even take part in drone flight classes...."

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