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BMW Announces Plans to Build World’s Fastest Racing Drone

March 16, 2018 - published By Audrey Zhang - BMW na portálu: WeTalkUAV.Com
Adresa článku: https://tinyurl.com/ybnh8t8n
Cituji z textu článku ( 1. stranu ):
"BMW is known around the world for its performance automobiles and sports cars.Now the vaunted maker of high-tech performance autos wants to try its hand at manufacturing a racing drone in a partnership with Drone Racing League with a stated goal of breaking the world’s fastest drone record set by DRL last year.
- To achieve these ends, BMW will be allowing DRL use of an Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel as well as access to BMW’s world-class technical expertise in this area.
- The current record is 165.2 mph set by the DRL RacerX drone and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Breaking this record will not only be quite an achievement, but doing it only one year after setting the initial record is sure to demonstrate DRL’s technical expertise.
- As DRL expands its audience – a recent deal with ESPN and the more viewer-friendly DRL Racer 3 – it is only natural that the sport will begin to look towards analogous fields for inspiration. Auto racing being a natural guidepost for the nascent drone racing industry to follow not only follows logically but is based on similar science, making the BMW linkup a boon for the sport as a whole."

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