pondělí 19. března 2018

Russia "to introduce measures to protect airports from drone incursions"

Protní zdroj: The Russian news agency TASS
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"The Russian news agency TASS reports that the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) is developing new measures to stop unmanned flying vehicles (UAV) flying into the airspace around Russian airports.
“This authority will possibly be given to special services of the airports; the necessary equipment may be arranged along the perimeter of the facility,” said Alexander Neradko, the head of Rosaviatisya, according to Izvestia daily. “Drones will be either grounded or returned to the point of their departure….Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport is ready to participate in drafting a bill to protect the territory of the airport against drones. The company has already sent letters to the concerned agencies,” an airport’s representative said.
According to TASS,  Rosaviatsiya recorded 70 violations of airport airspace by drones during 2016-2017." ( Cont.)

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