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DJI, Microsoft Partnership

DJI, Microsoft Partnership Creates Drone Developer Tools for Windows
Posted by Betsy Lillian -May 7, 2018
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"DJI and Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership to bring advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to DJI drones.
Through the new partnership, DJI is releasing a software development kit (SDK) for Windows. Using applications written for Windows 10 PCs, drone operators can customize DJI aircraft for a variety of industrial uses.
- DJI has also selected Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud computing partner. DJI says taking advantage of Azure’s AI and machine learning capabilities helps turn vast quantities of aerial imagery and video data into actionable insights for thousands of businesses across the globe. DJI will also have access to the Azure IP Advantage program, which provides protection for intellectual property risks in the cloud.
- “As computing becomes ubiquitous, the intelligent edge is emerging as the next technology frontier,” says Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group. “DJI is the leader in commercial drone technology, and Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud for commercial businesses. Together, we are bringing unparalleled intelligent cloud and Azure IoT capabilities to devices on the edge, creating the potential to change the game for multiple industries spanning agriculture, public safety, construction and more.”
- DJI explains that its new SDK for Windows empowers developers to build native Windows applications that can remotely control DJI drones, including autonomous flight and real-time data streaming. The SDK will also allow the Windows developer community to integrate and control third-party payloads, including multispectral sensors or robotic components, such as custom actuators – in turn, increasing the ways drones can be used in the enterprise, according to the partners.
- “DJI is excited to form this unique partnership with Microsoft to bring the power of DJI aerial platforms to the Microsoft developer ecosystem,” says Roger Luo, president of DJI. “Using our new SDK, Windows developers will soon be able to employ drones, AI and machine learning technologies to create intelligent flying robots that will save businesses time and money and help make drone technology a mainstay in the workplace.”
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